Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow

Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow

Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow was written by Amang Nopu Pamu, the incarnation of Vajravarahi. It is one of her most important books. Buddhists should rely upon the contents of this book in their self-cultivation. In so doing, they will quickly attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

This book has been called a treasure that is the mother of the mother of all Dharma. A special Chinese edition of it was made with gold characters and exquisitely carved cover. It was reminiscent of certain ancient Chinese books.

On November 26, 2000, this edition sold for over US$ 477,000 at an auction in Taiwan. It was an unprecedented event that astonished people all over the world.

How good are the Buddhist books written by Pamu? If you do not read them, you will not understand how good they are. Once you do, you will understand. We publish all six of Pamu’s books. Each book contains penetrating discourses. Buddhist disciples will learn how to gradually progress on the path of self-cultivation. It will then be easy for them to attain liberation.

All over the world, there are many large temple and Buddhist institutes that use Pamu’s books as textbooks. Buddhists have practiced her teachings on cultivating concentration and have thereby entered into deep states of realization. Their powers of concentration (meditation) have greatly increased. They have entered into bright and correct samadhi (collectedness of mind). As a result, countless practitioners have perceived their true nature. Because Pamu’s books are so incisive and magnificent, the highly respected library of the United Nation has especially collected them.

Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu, the supreme leader of exoteric and esoteric Buddhism, conducted Dharma Assemblies in which he successfully invoked the Buddhas to bestow nectar and shariras. Various media, such as television stations and newspapers, reported this. These reports, along with a videotape of the assemblies, have astonished Buddhists and people in general all over the world. It is said that the only ones who have been able to successfully invoke the Buddhas to bestow both nectar and shariras at the same time were Master Padmasambhava and Master Marpa. One must be the incarnation of a Buddha or a twelfth-stage Bodhisattva to have the state of realization required to successfully practice the great Dharma of invoking nectar. Otherwise, the person would not be able to communicate with the Buddhas. In such case, true nectar could not be successfully invoked.

The author of Dharma That Every Buddhist Must Follow, Amang Nopu Pamu, is a holy being who can successfully invoke the Buddhas to bestow nectar. Detailed descriptions of Pamu’s practice of the Dharma to have the Buddhas bestow nectar are contained in each of her six books.

We also publish Master Yi Yungao’s Commentary on the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra, as well as two books written by Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu: The Essence of the Buddha Dharma and Correcting Patriarch Tamo’s Treatise. These books are all in Chinese and have not yet been translated into English.

The teachings of Patriarch Tarmo (Bodhidharma) have been handed down throughout many generations. This coupled with translation problems has resulted in the distortion of part of his teachings. It is regrettable that nobody heretofore has addressed these problems. Fortunately, Great Dharma King Yangwo Yisinubu rectifies these mistakes in his book Correcting Patriarch Tamo’s Treatise. The original meaning of Patriarch Tarmo’s words is thus restored. If Buddhists cultivate themselves according to the contents of this book, they will be able to perceive their original nature, realize the Dharmakaya, and attain liberation from the cycle of incarnation.


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