A Buddhist wedding was held at the Bathing the Buddha Dharma Assembly of Hua Zang Si
 A Buddhist wedding was held at the Bathing 

the Buddha Dharma Assembly of Hua Zang Si

 Hua Zang Si in San Francisco has become one of the most visited congregations in the United States since its grand opening at the end of last year. Visitors from all ethnic backgrounds have made very  high remarks on its exquisite architect. Practitioners from all over the world have come to Hua Zang  Si to learn Buddha-dharma. Moreover, there is a Western couple requesting for a Buddhist wedding  at Hua Zang Si after their first visit. They decided to have their wedding ceremony performed at the  Bathing Buddha Dharma Assembly. The groom, Duncan Jackson from England, accompanied by the bride, Jean Leslie from Utah, visited  Hua Zang Si last week. They were astounded by the immense empowerment they received during  their visit.

They decided to beseech the Abbess of Hua Zang Si to hold a Buddha-dharma  empowerment wedding for them. On Sunday, May 15, 2005, after the Bathing Buddha Dharma Assembly, a unique Buddha-dharma  empowerment wedding was solemnized by the Abbess of Dharma Matters at Hua Zang Si, Dharma  Master Long Hui, and witnessed by the groom’s and the bride’s families and friends as well as the  monastics and disciples of Hua Zang Si. The ceremony began with sutra chanting which embraced  the participants with extraordinary and auspicious atmosphere.

The Abbess expounded Buddha-dharma and sprinkled Bodhi Holy water on the heads of the groom and the bride to solemnize their marriage  and bless the newly wed. The Dharma Master encouraged the couple to have mutual respect and  cherish their love and marriage so that they can grow old together and enjoy a happy family. She  wished them longevity, prosperity, and well-being. She stated that Hua Zang Si is open to couples  for Buddhist weddings.

She emphasized that the twelve Highest Virtuous Leaders at Hua Zang Si  will practice dharma for the newly weds and bestow ultimate good fortune and wisdom upon them. The bride, Jean Leslie, and the groom, Duncan Jackson, are not Buddhist practitioners. However, they appeared to be very much moved and delighted when receiving the empowerment of Buddha-dharma  during their wedding. Leslie expressed that she would like to learn the teachings on Buddha-dharma offered at Hua Zang Si




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