Guan Yu Dharma Protecting Deity Dharma Assembly

Guan Yu Dharma Protecting Deity Dharma Assembly

 Hua Zang Si has held a ceremony in 2005, during which the statue of the Dharma Protecting Deity Guan Yu was installed into a pavilion. Many were amazed at such event.  Guan Yu was often mistakenly recognized as a Taoist God.  In fact, that is not the case.  The couplets on the pavilion of the Dharma Protecting Deity express the profound dharma expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The first line of the couplets is “yu quan shan zhong li miao tang di jun gui fo men.”  Guan Yu took refuge in Master Zhiyi at Yuquan Hill.  He then manifested great supernatural power and constructed the Yuquan Temple overnight on a barren lot, where he resolved to become a protector of Buddhism.  That is why, upon the plea of many Buddhist practitioners, he was recommended to be the Dharma Protecting Deity of Hua Zang Si.


The other line of the couplets is “guan sheng ting qian yao qian yun ling gan shi guo yin.  Even before the statue of Guan Yu was installed at Hua Zang Si, it has manifested great efficacious power.  A document regarding the installation of Guan Yu, which contained errors, did not get on the airplane with the person who carried it.  Instead, it miraculously reappeared back in the temple.  The manifested efficacy astonished everyone at the temple.  It has also been reported in various news media.  This manifestation of the supernatural power clearly indicates how efficacious the holy divination lots will be, whereby the Dharma Protecting Deity Guan Yu’s power corresponds.  


Perhaps some will argue that the divination lots (sometimes bamboo strips) are a practice of heresy.  However, the Zhu –Sheng Temple at Mt. Jizu in Yuna, China, where the highest Chan monastic-Venerable Elder Monk Xu-Yun (the reincarnation of Master Han-Shan of Ming dynasty) resides, also offers the divination lots for believers to ask for foretelling protection and blessings.  In addition, one can also find the foretelling divination lots at the temple in Mt Jiu-Hua, one of the four most famous mountains at which Chinese Buddhism is practiced.  One will also come across with the divination lots at many other famous Buddhist temples.  The purpose they serve is to fulfill the believers’ wishes to correspond with the Dharma Protecting Deity Guan Yu and to eradicate the evil and promote the good so to bring harmony to families and happiness to our life, and to safeguard the country.


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