Come Join The Celebration With Us!

Come Join The Celebration With Us!

It has been almost a year since the grand opening of Hua Zang Si in San Francisco on December 26, 2004.  There have been countless people visiting the temple and it has become a new landmark of culture and sightseeing in San Francisco.  The visitors include professors and their students from various doctorate programs and graduate schools, who came to extend their study on Asian cultures or religions related subjects. School age children visited us on their educational field trips.  Travel tours or hiking clubs have marked Hua Zang Si as one of their favorite scenic spots.  The photos of Hua Zang Si are also posted at the National Geographic website.

Throughout the year, events held by Hua Zang Si have been widely reported in various well-known media, such as the San Francisco Chronicle, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily etc.  Dharma assemblies to celebrate the holy birthdays of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are held every month or so to request blessings for the peace and safety of the people of the United States and around the world.  In addition to the regular dharma assemblies, we have also held a special beseeching blessing ceremony and fundraiser to help and pray for the Tsunami victims in South Asia. We hope that the fund we raised will help them to rebuild their homes soon.  We have also held a dharma assembly to pray for the victims of the hurricane Katrina and several fundraising events, such as the sidewalk sales and auctions.  Hua Zang Si raised over US$30,000 from these events.  We are glad to bring this much-needed relief to the affected areas.   We have also joined the United Relief Committee started by the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters. Our goal is to provide a permanent and continuous relief effort to victims impacted by natural disasters worldwide.

Hua Zang Si will celebrate its first anniversary on Monday, December 26, 2005 at 5:00 p.m. in the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall. There will be a Chinese ritual in which candles will be passed on among attendees to pray for the world peace and happiness.  Our vows will be strengthened to follow the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha and bring true Buddha dharma to all living beings.  This past year has been a momentum for us.  We have transformed this over a hundred year old building into a brand new landmark with a blend of oriental and western cultures. We will do our first anniversary count down at 5:00pm and dinner will be served after the ritual.

We welcome all of you to join us in the celebration and passing on the warmth of our prayers to every corner of the world as the holiday season approaches.


華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演  華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演

華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演         華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演    



華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演  華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演

華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演  華藏寺開寺週年慶 華藏寺居士才藝表演



華藏寺開寺週年慶 頒發特殊貢獻獎      華藏寺開寺週年慶 祝華藏寺開寺週年   


華藏寺開寺週年慶 傳燈祈福  華藏寺開寺週年慶 傳燈祈福

華藏寺開寺週年慶 傳燈祈福   華藏寺開寺週年慶 傳燈祈福


華藏寺開寺週年慶 開寺週年回顧影片  


華藏寺開寺週年慶 歡樂聚餐   華藏寺開寺週年慶 歡樂聚餐


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