Exhibition of Unprecedented Achievements

Over Two Hundred World-Class Treasures in

Twenty-one Categories From a Single Person

人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展     人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展         





人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展     人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展 



 人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展    人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展   

人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展     人類史無前例的世界瑰寶級成就展 

The ultimate goals of the teachings of Buddhism are to be proficient in both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism, master all of the Five Mings (Five Vidyas or Illuminations), enlighten oneself and others, and have great compassion as one’s foundation. To be proficient in both exoteric and esoteric Buddhism one must thoroughly understand the Tripitaka (the Buddhist canon) and the esoteric dharma. To master all of the Five Mings one must attain penetrating realization in the categories of craftsmanship, sound, healing, causality (logic), and inner realization. Having mastered all Five Mings, one has fully enlightened oneself. Only after one has attained enlightenment, can one help to enlighten others. To have great compassion as one’s foundation one must have a mind that has as its basis the benefiting of other people.


This is an exhibition of the Five Mings, which have been described in the true teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha. It displays some of the individual accomplishments of Yangwo Wan Ko Yisinubu (which means Great Dharma King Yangwo Wan Ko), also known as Master Wan Ko Yee. Master Wan Ko Yee has wondrously mastered the Five Mings. He has attained remarkable realization in all areas included within the Five Mings.


The fact that the Master respects the Twenty-One Taras for their great compassion toward living beings has caused him to select twenty-one categories of his achievements as tribute to the holy Taras. It also serves the purpose of beseeching the Twenty-One Taras to bless living beings with good fortune, countries with prosperity and security, and the world with peace. Due to the Master’s high state of realization, his works have transcended worldliness and reached a state of holiness. The mystery of these works will enchant you, and you will find them unbelievable! If you do not personally see such works, which have now appeared in this world for the first time, it might be difficult for you to imagine that this world actually has such inconceivable and mystical creations. For example, with the appearance of Yun sculptures, all splendid pearls, jade, and gemstones become pale in comparison, like the stars in the sky being outshined by a clear moon.


Great Dharma King Master Wan Ko Yee, the creator of these mysterious works, who immigrated to the United States from China, is a great master of outstanding international fame. During the thousands of years of human history, never has any one person made such magnificent achievements as Master Wan Ko Yee. In the field of art, he has been a pioneer and has opened a new page in history in areas such as Chinese painting, Western oil painting, representational painting, abstract painting, 3-dimensional painting, the art of applying colorsto portray realistic rock texture and rock grains, as well as sculpture, frame art, and calligraphy. He has reached the summit of which others can only dream. He has also reached the pinnacle of world-class achievement in the fields of cosmology, philosophy, science, literature, poetry, etc. These accomplishments are the result of having attained the highest mastery of the Five Mings through the prajna wisdom of Buddhism. The Great Dharma King has numerous achievements. However, in order to correspond with the dharma of great compassion of the Taras, this exhibition will only display works in twenty-one categories.


As early as 1991, the Master was awarded the title of “Master of Oriental Art.” The representative presenting the award highly praised the Master when he said, “Professor Wan Ko Yee restores the 5,000 year old intrinsic culture of China.” In 1994, the 5,612 experts and scholars representing forty-eight countries and regions at the “World Poets and Culture Congress” unanimously named Master Wan Ko Yee as a “Distinguished International Master.” The certificate was signed and issued by Juan Antonio Samaranch, the then President of the International Olympic Committee.

In September of 1999, the Master was conferred a Ph.D. in Buddhism, Philosophy, Art, Calligraphy and Painting by the American League of Colleges and Universities. Moreover, Master Wan Ko Yee is the only artist awarded the position of “Fellow” by the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom in the Academy’s over two hundred year history.


In the beginning of the 21st Century, Master Wan Ko Yee created “Yun sculpture,” which amazed the world of art. The birth of “Yun sculpture” raised art to an astonishingly new height. During the thousands of years of human civilization, no one else’s sculpture actually surpassed the delicate and wonderful beauty of natural stones. Only Yun sculpture art created by Master Wan Ko Yee surpasses the natural world and its beauty! No precious stone in this world can compare with the beauty, mystery, majesty, and resplendence of Yun sculptures. Inside the Yun sculptures entitled “Boulder With Mist” and “Wonder of a Mysterious Cave,” there are grottoes that contain constantly lingering auspicious mist. For the first time in the history of sculpture, mist has been created through carving skills. It is truly unprecedented! Furthermore, attempts by countless artists have proven that Yun sculptures cannot be replicated! This is a miracle in the history of sculpture!


The mystery and matchless beauty of Yun sculpture have shaken the world. The Organization of American States (OAS), composed of 34 countries including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, sponsored the “Master Wan Ko Yee Yun Sculpture Exhibition” in 2003 at the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Ambassadors from various countries who attended that exhibition highly praised Master Wan Ko Yee as having made a great contribution to art in the world. They marveled at the Yun sculptures they saw, uttering words of admiration such as, “They are enrapturing, unique masterpieces!”


On October 28th and 29th, 2003, the U.S. Congress held an art exhibition for the first time in its history. It was called “Exhibition of Yun Sculpture Art Originated by Master Wan Ko Yee for the Benefit of Mankind” and took place at the Gold Room of the Congressional House Office Building. A continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition. Hundreds of them wrote down their sincere impressions in guest books. The congressmen who attended were so excited that they gave forth spontaneous speeches of praise and admiration. Some people came to the exhibition three or four times in one day. Many people praised the Master’s Yun sculptures as “treasures from heaven”!

The Chinese paintings of Master Wan Ko Yee stand on the summit of the history of that genre of painting. Whether Western or Eastern, no artist in history is comparable to Master Yee. He is able to paint landscapes, flowers, birds, fish, insects, animals, and human figures as well as intriguing abstract compositions. His techniques include heavy coloring, light touch, fine and detailed brushwork, freehand brushwork, large format composition, splash-ink, oil painting, glass painting, 3-dimensional painting, and imitation jade painting. He has reached the highest level in all of these areas. The Master has learned from the strong points of both ancient and modern masters of Chinese and Western painting, merging what he has learned to create transcendent artwork. He has formed his own style, which has reached the acme of perfection and naturalness in both technique and artistic conception. They mark the apex of the history of painting.

The original paintings of the Master entitled “Majesty” and “Venerable Da Li Wang” were sold for US$2,125,327 and US$2,207,912, respectively, at international auctions. They not only became the highest priced paintings by any living artist in the Pacific region and Southeast Asia, but also broke the records for the highest priced Chinese paintings sold through auction.

Master Wan Ko Yee is also an outstanding man of letters. He has composed a great amount of poetry using the classical Chinese forms of shi, ci, ge and fu. He has also written many books and discourses. His writing style is elegant and classical, varying and evolving without limit. When read aloud in Chinese, his written words sound melodic, like gold knocking on jade, and when chanted flow naturally and smoothly, like floating clouds or a running stream.

The Master’s calligraphy has transcended all traces of worldliness. His calligraphic style is elevated and expresses a broad perspective. The work coming from his brush can change from dragons crawling on cliffs to the play of innocent children. There is wonder in even the mundane strokes. His calligraphy is naturally graceful, exhibiting depth and brilliance. All Chinese people know of the great calligrapher Xi-Zhi Wang. They know of Shao-Ji He and Huai-Guan Zhang, who excelled at the rapid, cursive style of writing. There was also Yue Fei. In modern times, there have been Shu-Tong Li and You-Ren Yu, who can be called the finest calligraphers. However, the Master’s calligraphic style incorporates the strengths of all of the various schools and has reached the level of consummate skill. After one has personally viewed the Master’s calligraphy and compared the Master’s calligraphy to the calligraphy of those great calligraphers just mentioned, one will know who sets the example for others!

Employing his superlative oil painting artistry, the Master has created “supernatural abstract colors.” He has thereby again opened up a new world of art that is beautiful, mysterious, and soul-inspiring! You will find the bright and dazzling colors leaping and dancing, vigorous like towering waves surging over thousands of miles, yet stored up into wonders at the fine tip of a brush. They freely transcend worldliness. Various colors are mixed ingeniously and beautifully, distilling beauty from their mutual nourishment. Their many forms and meanings are like a golden dragon breaking away from the earth’s crust and soaring in the azure sky above the blue sea, free at will, unbridled and unrestrained, all worldly dust whisked away, ever changing, and beautiful beyond compare! This form of art most embodies the essence of Western abstract painting.

The frames and jade-like plates created by Master Wan Ko Yee can be described as “embodying the essence of Nature yet surpassing the craftsmanship of Nature.” The frames of the Master cannot be limited to the concept of frames. They also are a particular kind of extremely exquisite and precious art. They vividly reproduce the superlative craftsmanship seen in the creation of everything in Nature yet embody what is refined rather than coarse, amplifying the ephemeral or unostentatious beauty of precious natural beings in life to the perfect zenith of art.

The Master uses his painting brush to create imitation jade-plates, which are unique and amazing treasures in the history of mankind. The Master’s Fei-Cui jade, Yang-Zhi jade, Shan-Hong jade, Li-He jade, Fu-Shou jade, Tai-Hu jade, Hai-Jiao jade, Gang-Gu jade, etc. all look real and vivid in their textures, luster, colors, patterns, grains, and shapes. Those who have seen the imitation jades at the exhibition all agreed that their authenticity and beauty surpasses those of natural jades. They are so far superior in their exquisite, flawless and gorgeous beauty that the natural treasures cannot be their equal. Every piece is the most revered art of the highest caliber. They manifest a level of artistry that people have always been yearning for yet could not attain in the history of art!

The appearance of the Master’s uniquely beautiful, unfathomably mysterious, and holy works of art have shattered mankind’s long-held understanding of artistic creations. Such works of art have opened up a new and miraculous page in the history of aesthetics! Master Yee has thereby brought artistic happiness to mankind. The astonishing beauty of his artistic creations stirs our souls. However, we are not surprised that they resulted from the sculpting and painting skills of the Master. That is because we deeply understand that Master Wan Ko Yee’s prajna wisdom and artistic talent are as vast and infinite as the open sea. His mysterious artistic masterpieces are just one of the natural crystallizations of his various astonishing talents and the natural outflow of his limitless Buddha-dharma wisdom.

The Master is a Great Dharma King of Buddhism. It is difficult to find another person in this world who has succeeded in gaining the high state of virtue and realization that the Master has attained. Many world-renowned monastics, virtuous laypersons, and Buddhist leaders of different sects have formally acknowledged him as their master. During May of 2000, an international Buddhist assembly was held entitled “Symposium to Distinguish Correct and Erroneous Buddhism, Buddhist Studies, and Buddha-Dharma.” That assembly was attended by more than 2,000 eminent monastics and virtuous people representing 28 countries and regions and 416 temples and Buddhist organizations. After long investigation and discussion, the attendees unanimously selected Master Wan Ko Yee as “the world’s only authentic Buddhist Master”!

It is precisely due to his unfathomable Buddha-dharma realization that the Master has acquired erudition and penetrating understanding of the laws that govern the growth and change of everything in the universe. He has thereby attained the highest achievements in various fields, such as religion, literature, philosophy, vocal performances, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, application of colors to portray realistic rock texture and rock grains, medicine, and science. No one in history can match such achievements! The Master truly deserves to be called a great master the likes of which have never been seen in history! Because of this, today we can stroll in this inexhaustibly profound, rare, and beautiful world of art and enjoy one after another ingenious work that retains Nature’s spirit and form but transcends its superlative craftsmanship.

We are also very pleased to announce that building material based upon some of Master Wan Ko Yee’s original mysterious artwork has been produced. There are different kinds of exquisitely beautiful floor and wall decorative material. Such decorative material far excels that found in famous and luxurious palaces. Decorative material in the Louvre Museum in Parisand the luxury hotels in Las Vegas cannot hold a candle to the Master’s decorative material. Eventually, the Master’s floor and wall decorative material will raise the level of aesthetics to a degree difficult to imagine, will cause the quality of life to reach new heights, and will cause heavenly beauty to constantly permeate people’s daily lives all over the world! Surrounded by such extraordinary and precious art, we will feel as if we were in a heavenly paradise.

Master Wan Ko Yee is a figure with magnificent accomplishments in all areas. In all of human history, no one can compare. His high level of virtue and state of realization is difficult to find in the earthly world. Since Master Wan Ko Yee’s status is that of a Dharma King of Buddhism, this exhibition will include Buddha-dharma material for those with sincerity and devotion to study for self-cultivation. It will cause them to obtain good fortune, wisdom, auspiciousness, and liberation. However, this exhibition does not include the Master’s accomplishments in medicine, science, etc. Therefore, only a small part of his achievements will be displayed. These are the most extraordinary achievements in the history of Buddhism, art and literature. The exhibition features 1. designs of the Buddhas’ images, 2. poetry, 3. ancient literature, 4. modern literature, 5. couplets, 6. philosophical sayings, 7. calligraphy, 8. bronze and stone inscriptions, 9. Chinese paintings, 10. western paintings, 11. decorative wall hangings, 12. jade plates, 13. tiles, 14. glass paintings, 15. three-dimensional paintings, 16. art frames, 17. famous teas, 18. health care products, 19. Yun sculptures, 20. vocal performances, and 21. supreme and profound Buddha-dharma that is difficult to encounter in millions of eons. There are more than 200 pieces of world-class high achievements. They represent the Master’s extensive knowledge and talents. Under each category of the displayed pieces various styles will be exhibited. The works included in this exhibition have reached the pinnacle of art in all twenty-one categories.

Under the category of Yun Sculpture, there are wondrous multicolored sculptures, mist sculptures, aged and desiccated vine sculptures, tropical vine sculptures, rock mountain sculptures, imitation jade sculptures, blossom tree sculptures, coral sculptures, ganoderma sculptures, animal skin sculptures, etc. representing completely different techniques. This exhibition will feature the following Yun sculptures: “A Majestic and Splendid Stone Suggestive of Poetry, Song, and Painting,” “Mysterious Boulder With Mist,” “An Ancient Castle With Entwined Vines,” etc. The mist sculptures are the one and only art of mankind that creates mist through carving. The wondrous multicolored sculptures are art that have appeared among mankind and are so beautiful, they resemble treasures in heaven. As some experts exclaimed, their beauty surpasses the beauty of human art and captures the human soul. There is no one in history who has individually achieved the outstanding levels of accomplishments in so many categories. Moreover, there are numerous items of Master’s accomplishments not being displayed in this event. Therefore, it really proves that Master Wan Ko Yee’s accomplishments in all areas are astonishing and unprecedented in human history.

What has caused these accomplishments? In short, it is the Buddha-dharma that has caused the accomplishments. The Master is a true Great Dharma King of Buddhism with the mastery of Five Mings. He has loving kindness and great compassion. He is selfless and free of attachments. He takes in the sufferings of the living beings in the six realms as his own. He only feels blessed when others receive good fortune. He equally praises all traditional religionsincluding Christianity. The Master constantly teaches living beings how to persistently plant all good causes, and to stay away from evil, fear and obstacles. He prays for the safety and happiness of people, the prosperity of countries, and the peace of the world.


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