Recently, natural disasters have repeatedly occurred. Based upon the teachings of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, which emphasize compassion and benefiting living beings, and in accordance with the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha to pervasively save living beings, the Master Wan Ko Yee International Cultural Institute will be holding a Fish Release Dharma Assembly on June 13th. At the Dharma Assembly, we will pray for the happiness of the entire world, peace and prosperity in the nation, and the avoidance of all disasters. On June 14th and 15th at the Hilton Hotel in San Gabriel, the Institute will also be holding a special exhibition displaying both the works of famous artists and cultural relics. The exhibition will complement the Dharma Assembly in which prayers will be made for happiness and the avoidance of disasters.


Among the works by famous artists that will be displayed at the exhibition will be lotus flower paintings and a sculpture by the great world-class artist Yuhua Wang Compassionate Mother, also known as Yuhua Shouzhiwang. Superior Art Building Material Co., Ltd. will provide nearly one hundred items for display, including art frames, faux precious-stone tiles, translucent paintings, and three-dimensional paintings. All of those items were created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III; the greatly virtuous Hang Kung Yee, an outstanding artist who received an artist certificate from the Royal Academy of Arts in the United Kingdom; and the greatly virtuous Pui Chu Yee, an outstanding artist who received an International Artist certificate from the New York Academy of Art. The remarkable artist Ruyu Guo, a national-level artist in China who will be visiting the United States, will be exhibiting twenty of his Chinese paintings of flowers, birds, insects, and fish. Also on exhibition will be a watercolor painting entitled “Bus and Buildings” and an abstract oil painting entitled “Heaven, Man, Earth.” Those two are the works of Professor Ching Jang Yao, an artist recommended by the United Nations who was known as an important painter within the genre of modern surrealism and was a permanent visiting professor at the China Central Arts and Handicrafts Institute in Beijing. Gadu Rinpoche will be exhibiting a painting he painted called “Pure White Lotuses.” The painting “Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers” by Ho Chu Yao and the painting “Roses” by Ren Kuan will also be displayed. Other works by famous artists will be included in the exhibition as well.


Cultural relics that will be on display include the following: many dharma objects of esoteric Buddhism, several ancient jade relics of the Warring States period in China (475-221 B.C.), a fossil over a million years old, a rosefinch empress crown from the Tang Dynasty, a painting by Xinyu Pu of the Taoist immortal Zhong Kuei, couplets written in Chinese calligraphy by Hancao Liang, a painting by Shunhua Li of mountains and pines, Chinese paintings by Xifan Chen, and calligraphy by Sean Zhang. Also on display will be an astonishing Diamond Sutra and an astonishing Heart Sutra written in blood, an oil painting by Long Zhu of Los Angeles, Chinese paintings by Niandan He, fashion designs, abstract photography, embroidery, a dharma instrument called duoma created by Dharma King Wujin Danzeng Queji Nima, Yixing pottery made by famous artisans, and other cultural relics. First-rate art and rare cultural relics will all be exhibited under the same roof.


In addition to being an artist, Yuhua Wang Compassionate Mother is a great Buddhist adept, a holder of several honorary doctorate degrees, a spiritual guide, and a good will ambassador. Her paintings sell extremely well on the art market. Last year a regular painting of hers sold for US$25,000 per square foot. This year the price of an exquisite painting of hers is US$100,000 per square foot. Among the works of art displayed at the exhibition, her paintings are of especially high quality and have the highest value. Her best paintings are of lotus flowers. Such paintings convey a sense of complete naturalness and gracefulness. There is no trace of any unnatural brushstrokes. They express loftiness and broadmindedness. Those paintings indeed express loftiness and broadmindedness and are imbued with deep charm and liveliness. Yuhua Wang Compassionate Mother can be called the foremost painter of lotus flowers in the world. Seeing the artistic conceptions expressed in her paintings is like seeing her in person, for she is an extremely compassionate and moral person who selflessly benefits others. Ruyu Guo and other artists have said that the lotus flower paintings of Yuhua Wang Compassionate Mother are the best in the world, surpassing all other paintings of that genre both ancient and modern. The exhibition will display three of her lotus flower paintings entitled Shen Yun (Wondrous Harmony), He Tang Rui Qi (The Auspicious Air of the Lotus Pond), and Qiu Se (Autumn Scenery). Also on display will be one of her sculptures called Yu Ping Shan Hu (Faux Jade Vase with Coral). It will be the first time this work of art is publicly shown. Not only does this sculpture look like genuine jade and coral, it is even more beautiful than natural jade and coral. It is a wondrous, sleek creation of extraordinary elegance that stands out among all the other exhibits.


Superior Art Building Material Co., Ltd. will be displaying art frames, faux precious-stone tiles, and translucent paintings. There will be eleven different faux jade frames and faux wood-root frames as well as more than forty different tiles that are colorful decor material for floors and walls. All of those exhibits were designed and created by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, Hang Kung Yee, and Pui Chu Yee. Both Hang Kung Yee and Pui Chu Yee are world-class outstanding artists. These exhibits are extremely high-class building materials that, unlike any other previous building materials, convey a sense of luxury, elegance, rareness, pleasantness, and sometimes a local or native flavor. In a national building material contest that had more than two thousand different exhibits in competition, the faux precious-stone tiles took first place, second place, and third place. Each one of these faux precious-stone tiles can be pieced together with others to form a myriad of designs. Their colors are luxurious and their quality is mysteriously appealing. They are like beautiful jade that is pleasing to the eye. They provide architects with the opportunity to give their imagination full play in the creation of gorgeous designs and structures. These faux precious-stone tiles truly are the highest class tiles in the world today. Viewing the translucent painting called “Another World” is like entering the land of the immortals. It was painted by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and produced by a factory. Two other translucent paintings, one created by Hang Kung Yee and one created by Pui Chu Yee, will be on display as well. They are truly as dazzling and beautiful as precious stones.


Ruyu Guo is a national-level fine-brushwork painter in China who possesses true artistic skills. He is also a first-class artist within the Chinese Artists Association. His paintings of flowers, birds, fish, and insects are exquisitely beautiful. In the world of Chinese painting, he has formed a unique style of his own. Ruyu Guo has held exhibitions of his paintings in many countries. The Great Hall of the People in China, the Louvre Museum, certain Japanese museums, and Superb Art Museum of America all contain his paintings.

We welcome all of you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by attending the Fish Release Dharma Assembly and the special exhibition displaying both the works of famous artists and cultural relics in which prayers will be made for disaster victims. Admission is free.













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