Ceremony to Confer the Title of Abbess Daoguo

The Ceremony to Confer the Title of Abbess of Path and Fruit was held in the Sakyamuni Buddha Hall at Hua Zang Si temple in San Francisco on July 12, 2009 in the morning. The Abbess of Dharma Affairs- Great Master Long Hui conducted the conferment ceremony for Dharma Master Miao Kong who is then the Abbess of Path and Fruit. The ceremony was solemn and formal. More than one hundred believers were amazed by the fact they had learned and witnessed at this event.

Within The Mahamudra of Liberation- a dharma which billions of Buddhist practitioners dream to learn, there is the practice of the dharma of Vajra Substitute Body Zen. Vajra Substitute Body Zen is a very high dharma. Out of sixty billion people from Tibet and India, maybe one great virtuous one will emerge. In other words, in one out of 30 million of the world’s population, can we find a great virtuous one. Those are holy monastics among patriarch virtuous ones. 

The consciousness of the holy being who practices Vajra Substitute Body Zen successfully can leave and return to the body freely. When the consciousness condenses, it turns into form. When the consciousness dissipates, it turns into air. Nothing can hinder the consciousness. A high monastic at Hua Zang Si has successfully practiced the dharma. This is a manifestation of the magnificence of the true Buddha dharma. If you have the Buddha dharma, you just have it. If you do not have the Buddha dharma, you just do not have it. The manifestation again proves that the Buddha dharma is inconceivable, yet is within our reach. As long as we wish to learn, we can simply follow and practice step by step the dharma of The Mahamudra of Liberation.

Buddha dharma should not just be words written on books or spoken. It should be concrete powers that can be manifested to our eyes. Of course, all practices are to benefit living beings. May we dedicate the merit derived from the ceremony for a prosperous country and world peace.








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